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Reward Pest Control
Reward Pest Control
Reward Pest Control




Termites can cause major destruction of building structures. Undetected, they will destroy your most valuable asset, your property. For prevention, we recommend regular termite inspections and
treatments that will be designed for your individual needs.

Cockroaches are a threat to human health. Species identification and hygiene recommendation, along with correct treatment (baiting, gelling and dusting), will keep your food handling areas and
homes free from these unhygienic insects.

Rats and mice are well adapted to living in very close contact with humans sharing your food and shelter. Baiting affected areas, using edible wax blocks, as well as integrated environment control, is the most effective solution to rid your premises of these vermin.

Reward Pest Control
Reward Pest Control
Reward Pest Control



Due to urbanisation, spiders are inhabiting domestic dwellings, like your home Protecting your family from the potential harm of spider bites is our concern. Treatment consists of species identification and implementing effective eradication, with family-friendly products.

Although insignificant in size, ants can be a troublesome pest, undermining paving areas and making a nuisance of themselves inside the home. Our management allows us to eliminate these annoying insects, by treating each individual nest, in order to remove the colony.

Bites and stings from these pests can be painful and in some cases life-threatening.
In order to minimise harm to the environment, our first priority with bees is to re-locate the nest. Wasps nests are treated and removed.


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